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Aluminum Furniture Fabrication Services

Screen Door & Window Mosquito  Manufacturing Services

Screen Door & Window Mosquito Manufacturing Services

We are PT. Andi Mulya PerkasaOpening services for making aluminum mosquito screen doors and windowsYou can request conditions as you wish, such as:ColorSizeGauze areaand other conditions

Aluminum Furniture Fabrication Services

In the current needs, where the owners of residential, business and some needs in several sectors. Have chosen a material that is light and of course strong and maintenance free

The answer lies in the aluminum material.
An example of door and window frames, carts, business stands, business shelves, cupboards and some products that used to use a lot of wooden boards or wooden blocks were replaced by aluminum materials.

Let's stop by our workshop to see, feel and order of course our work as a solution to your problem.

Our work includes:

  1. Frames´╗┐´╗┐ Doors and windows

   2. Doors and shutters

   3. Kitchen Set 

   4. Billboard

   5. Dressing table

   6. Cupboard

   7. Business Stand

   8. Cart